Light dep.


Master Grower
By light dep, do you mean putting it on 12/12 by placing it in the dark nightly?

I have one going outdoors now that I throw into a dark shed about 6:00 PM every night. It is doing great but I will need to keep it up until it finishes. Just like flipping the hours indoors.


Insane Grower
Ya that’s what I meant. Just wasn’t sure if one has to keep covering when the natural light cycle drops to say 14 or 13 hrs. Can one go back to natural. Or will that mess with hormones and cause flower issues like bolting.


Master Grower
An interesting thought, at what point would it revert to natural photo period or would it?

I love playing with the photo period just for fun. Might have to play with that sometime but nature has its own ideas sometimes.

My light dep experiment is in my grow journal if interested. If you decide to experiment please share. 🙂