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Anyone else mixing their own salts?

So typically when I find phenos that I like while I run them through their paces to test stability, both females and males. I typically run LOS but like to push them hard with bubble buckets and GH Flora.

I got tired of just using DWC buckets to push hydro hard and decided that instead of buying colored salt water and installing a semi-permanent RDWC fixture that I would try coco and Jacks 3-2-1 using Blumats. Holy shit.

I mix 27g at a time, I don't have to PH anything, and I can walk away for 2 weeks and not worry about a thing. I come back, clean up the insides and bottoms of the plants and they just explode on their own.

For my 27g tote I use 75g 5-12-26, 50g of CalNit 15-0-0, and 25g of epsom salts.

The only real issue I seem to have is fungus gnats that came with some moms I am plant sitting. Nothing that BT cannot handle.

IMG_20190527_212159 - Copy.jpg

Just now:
IMG_20190530_102230 - Copy.jpg

Top Roots:
IMG_20190527_212247 - Copy.jpg


Pollen Chucker
I heard blumats are the shit once you've got them dialed in.. No issues with salt i buildup?
I have the pots on short stands that sit in a deep dish so it mocks DTW. I tweak them a little so there is some runoff. No issues with salt buildup.

My outdoors is setup on Blusoak hose that is fed off of an elevated 55g drum this year. I have not watered my garden a single time yet.

If you have a good application for Blumats then spend the money and get them. I would recommend having Sustainable Village design the system for you.
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