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Insane Grower
Was just wondering if anyone can recommend a good brand of straight hindu kush, ive come across several at different banks, sensi being the most prevalent are they all created equal or should i hunt down a certain 1 planning to start working on my 1st masterpiece here pretty soon, may have found my other candidate in a nice sour lemon og any advice is greatly appreciated guys

Mr Blamo

Old Timer
I can only comment on hindu from sensi that I grew around 2001. I remember that because of what happened on sept 11 in nyc. God rest there souls....
Anyways the hindu was good. Was a real dense plant. I found it lots like affy.
No levels tested but I figure it was 18 percent thc which in those days was good.
But I cant comment on todays seed as it was long ago now I grew it. Was the only hindu around in those days to.


Insane Grower
Thanks for that, just dont wanna drop the coin on a possible sub par version, figured asking here was my best bet lol