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I grew up in the North East and most of what I saw was climatized varieties from India. One of the guys who worked on my grandpas farm grew Manipuri seeds he got from India. Those were ridiculously big. One year he planted some in the corn and they grew right over the corn and towered out in the middle of the field.
Dutch seeds will work great for you too, due to their relatively short growing season and issues with mold there they breed plans very well suited for the upper Northeastern climate. Barneys Farm has a lot of fun new things. I saw someone mention autos up above. Definitely a great way to get yourself some early flower while you're waiting for your long term investments to come to mature.
I'm a big believer in breeding specifically for your area. You should find some genetics you like and start working on your own house mix. As it adjusts to your area you'll end up with something really special. I can see it in even my pure bred heirlooms. Its fun sharing seeds with friends who live in the area and seeing how to different micro climates effect the end results!


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For those who live in the Northeast there is a breeder on Strainly they are called Hillbilly Skunk Farms who grows some excellent varieties for growing outside in the Northeast. I've ran 3 of their strains outside and they all have finished before the rains and zero issues with mold and bugs. Looking on their page they have some new creations that look killer too, they are of the Blueberry strains. Can't hurt to check em out. Their photos all have been takin outside so you can see how they have grown. Us Noreasteners got about 7 or 8 weeks or so till it's time to get sprouten (inside of course) for this season outside grow.
I friend of mine gave me some MOB x OG Kush that I might try outdoors this year.
Do it. That sounds like fruity gas to me. The MOB cuts that are passed around here in the 207 are the green with pink hair Pheno then a straight purple and magenta. Both taste exceptionally well. Grape big league chew and blueberry syrupy terps. Not the most potent so the OG will definitely add to that department. And the MOB will help the OG mildew and mold wise considering she's practically bullet proof outdoors here.


Picked up some Jager strains from CSI

Jager S1 ~ Jager x Jager

The extremely popular Southern Oregon outdoor cut Jager…originated at Millerville farms and spread far and wide. One of my favorites for outdoor production.

Jager x Zkittlez

The famous cup winning Southern Oregon clone of Jager aka Purple Hindu Kush crossed to the cup winning original Zkittlez clone.

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@High kev .....couldn't remember......did you run the GPS ADub outside? Anyone? I don;t usually trend that way (chems/dogs) these days....but this does have quite the rep and i'm sure would make stellar hash....if it were to come available. Saw the Punch/Adub "tester" on the page....anyone grown/growin that?

Pretty set on seed for outdoor this upcoming season cus I'm just gonna go back into the bucket and make' selections I need to run and pick a few things I'm likely gonna re-run.......but I'm always lookin' for fast finishers and overall dank that does well outside.

Still a bit early....but my head is there already. Kinda got wrangled into helpin some folks so I'm gonna be startin' far more plants than I had planned on. It's definitely a hassle.....but I couldn't say no. So while it'll keep me busier than i'd planned.....the fun thing with that pain in the ass will be that I can pick some stuff I wanna see ran/have yet to run and let them do it...LOL.