Exodus cheese,its all about the resin


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That disco biscuit and lemon haze I have just finished was nnic.But shit,this greenhouse seeds exodus cheese is absolutely fire.The nearest i have got to the original exodus cut i had a few year ago.The smell is unbelievable,love a bit of exodus.This is definitely a Christmas morning special.These will be final photos of it under sf2000,just put hps back in here.So what ya seeing is from 1 sf1000 I only used two iver it in last week or so.Its start of the 9th week.Trichomes are like glass, clear so a couple week left I think.


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Exodus cheese ,loving this strain taking longer than normal.But i still have a fair bit of disco and lemon haze curing for christmas.This will be ready for then i should think just may have to keep a oz bac from curing to smoke,its smell brings back so many memories of the old mother i had of exodus.


I can smell its weird arse from here in Lancashire :p man looks great. miss the shit out of that smell when it invaded lol.


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Just watered down dutch bud so some say personally i think greenhouse seeds super lemon haze and exodus cheese are some of the best bud around.Not has good has the uk clone only exodus,but still very nice bud.View attachment 79032 View attachment 79033View attachment 79034View attachment 79035View attachment 79036View attachment 79037View attachment 79038View attachment 79039View attachment 79039View attachment 79040View attachment 79041
I bought the SLH and Kings Kush back in 2010 from GHS. Been growing and breeding them since.