Insane Grower
1 gamma lid
1_3 gallon or 1 - 5 gallon bucket
2 check valves
Air line
Air pump
Put on timer once a day and no more burping with lids.
Thought I would share it with you guys.
Most of the stuff I have laying around, except for the gamma lid. Lowe's carries them for around $7.50.
He also uses beveda 62% pack.


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That’s pretty cool! I’ve always just thrown my buds in mason jars or turkey bags with boveda packs. May look into something like this and compare the difference.


If any of you have a vacuum sealer, I go that route during the last bit of drying before cure. They make a fitting that just hooks to the top of a mason jar.
So do you vacuum seal right after drying and then don’t burp the jars. Sorry I shouldn’t have had that last bong rip


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My rH is low and my weed dries too quick most of the time.

I monitor weight, knowing that 20%-23% of the wet weight is the goal dry weight. My stuff left alone would end up crispy on the outside but still not dry in the center.

When it gets to about 25% I get it jarred and vacuumed, and burp it regularly. I'll even empty the jars to make sure nothing is sticking together at first.


Thank you for the post. Good info. But, I stated in another post, I'm doing without the Boveda packs this year. Just talked to a buddy of mine and he calls it a Terp Stealer. I have to agree.