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Tegrity Greenthumb
So I got most the basics. Just had a few questions. So I have fresh frozen material. Does vac sealing make the buds stick together too much? A few of them I should have vacuumed more but it was sucking a big bag flat of larf trim etc. Do you stick it straight from the freezer into the bag and agitate? Also drying... I've read many things saying if you try to dry fresh frozen hash your going to get mold. Humidity here is spiking and probably wont be below 60% much from here on out. How should I store or dry? Probably will be first and last time unless I'm that amazed and stick to dry ice shaking and then baking. Wanted to give it a go but have been hung up on those last few things. Thanks ahead of time Chuckers and Fuckers !


Tegrity Greenthumb
Also looking into qwet with the fresh frozen if anyone has experience and recommends or thinks it will yield better.
If the buds are stuck together, break them up. I would go straight from the freezer into bag and agitate. As far as mold, Im not sure, I chop it up into little crumbs with a razor almost immediately and spread it out on a plate to dry. The little crumbs dry out allot quicker than a big gob would so i have never had a mold problem. Bubble is pretty easy but the one thing that helped me the most is to not go crazy stirring it up. If I just agitate it for say 4-5 minutes the final product is twice as good as if I agitated it for 10+ minutes. With the shorter agitate time you get less coming back but its allot better.


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I’ve thrown it right off the plant into the bho chamber.

I’ve frozen the buds live right off the plant and waited 3 days and ran it into bho. No mold or anything here.

I had some in mason jars sealed in the freezer and I vacd some buds and tossed them in the freezer. Both were the same

Personally I think anything left to dry at least 5 to 7 days before making into oil always seems to come out more potent then all of my fresh frozen live runs.

The live runs always have the craziest terps tho so really it’s all about what you like.

I’ve seen good yields with both

Mr Blamo

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I leave my trim and small buds to dry fully ...so dry if you touch it crumbles.
When im gonna make bubble hash or oil I run the trim and small buds through my big hand grinder. Turn everything to dust.
I take that and put in a the freezer to get it frozen.
Im always stock piled on ice.
Then I have a pail with no bags in it. Just cold water and ice. That's my work pail. I stir it many times in a day. When I notice the ice is melting a lot is when I pour that into a pail that hold my hash bags. I rinse the work pail with a little ice and cold water and dump that into it...to get all out of the work pail.
I leave that pail with the bags for 24 hours...then i pull bag for bag.
I get the biggest haul that way.


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You can't go wrong following Frenchy. He has it all down very well.

As you can see...some go for quality and some go for the most product they can get. The two don;t go hand in hand though. Choose one.

If you already made it @Bc_ca ...how did/how do you feel it came out? Is it a repeat thing...or a one time deal for you?


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I used Frenchy's method for my last batch of temple balls and they came out amazing. The balls start to flatten out from the heat of your hand if you hold them long enough and they feel almost like taffy when they warm up. I need to get one of those portable washing machines for my next run though. They seem to do a great job and keep the mess down.