Any one know the shelf life of Ionic Bloom?

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If fearful , try it on a plant that’s double or only just (1) and watch the results for a few days and see what happens and also after you apply it in the Rez if you have a ph probe, look at what the reaction is. Also a big tip for all liquid based stuff ( exp salt based ) shake the fucking crap out of the out bottle ( I’m talking 30 seconds - 1min,too many people play pussy and only do it like girl or a few seconds and think that’s going to work, exp for old stuff) problem is so many times when I shook my stuff man I can feel stuff on the bottom finally “re-brewering “ per day meaning it would conbine and if I wouldn’t of been so ocd , you would be just applying god knows Math % or just water ? this is also why I use mainly dry amendments indoors for cost reasons and logic and also I think having tons of bottles of just water is just silly ( not gone a judge ya or give ya advice on that but that note )

‘my guess that stuff you have will last Inless it becomes salt , and you could read water again. Because it was a dry amendment before that and they x10 ya and it won’t ever spoil On ya . But like all nutes I wouldn’t waste it ( if it was me ). And if 3rd option you could check the products label and see what’s in it and see if it has a super limit shelf life? haven’t seen many products non organics that aren’t and it’s mainly non logical regulation on shelf life vs what should be used on alot of ferts or even bennies/fungi ( so if you know what’s in it, that’s the key )
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It sure does.
My first Hydroponic Cannabis Plant and first Clone.

Rinsed off the dirt.

A mutant


This is even more fun than outside.
I will have to learn the PH and TDS stuff next time. Well-water and Ionic Hard water Bloom.
Goal is to harvest twice. Re-veg it and get some silver seeds.
Time will tell.....

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Nice job man.. I like ur outdoor hydro setup with those tomatoes.. And the indoor bush u got going is impressive so far. Quite the stalk on her too..
What strain is it? And is that bush indoor in a typical 5gal bucket or is it bigger?


Hi @Big Terps

The Strain is unknown, was a seed gifted to me by a member. Were nose blind to it as the whole place stinks of it, even a scratch and sniff is not reviling. Sometimes at night when get up to pee, I think I can smell it. A cream with a hint of petroleum. ???????..... not to long now and it will be in a jar.
If anyone knows the strain that has the mutation where pistols and other structures formed at the end of the petioles between the blades and, along the length of petiole, this is one of them...
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Ya thought the bucket lookd a little bigger than standard 5 gal..

Theres alot of different mutations out there with all the different combos of genetics getting bred together these days...

Ive never had any of my plants in my 25yrs of growing that had that specific trait with the multiple buds on a leaf stem like yours.. Thats kool af tho... The more bud sites the better. Lol

The only mutations ive had is 3 plants of same strain that grew 17 fingerd leaves, and sum fan leafs grew small buds on em. Thats the only mutations ive noticed anyways.. Got pics of em but dont wanna photo bomb your thread.. ✌