Any of you guys here hunt?

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Never been much of a deer hunter but i used to lease several marsh tracts for ducking. I used to tell the deer hunters to come to the marsh during gun season. The deer would pile into the marsh during gun season. Damn things would let you get right on top of them before they would flush . Used to scare the crap out of me when they jumped up. Main problem was trying to get them out of there after you shot him. All mud and grass clumps. They were like fuck these woods we are out of here..LOL


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I have cows, they're fat as hell. Taste delicious. The grass they eat came from our property, the grain they eat came from there as well. I let someone else kill them (its law butcher can't take an already dead cow, unless you call ahead because you had to shoot the mean bitch in the face to get her in the trailer), let someone else butcher and package them. Always plenty of beef.

Id like to go on an elk hunt sometime. More than likely a bow hunt. Killing an animal with a gun is just too easy.

We hunt coyotes here, skunks when they're close to the house. Usually a 6.5cm or 300wsm, though I did shoot one with a 338lm from a distance of 20 feet. Really stretched out the effective range of that round :rolleyes:


What do y'all think about illegal hunting, both trapping and hunting out of season?

I had to stop going to my guerilla sites because of illegal hunting in the vicinity.
I have three woods cams, a deer call and nearly an entire 8-9 foot deer stand, as souvenirs.


I have no beef with hunters but they are basically poaching not a mile from town, f in crazy.
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You leave a note on the tree that the stand is at the wardens and they can pick it up if they like :)
I thought about it, but at the time these were awesome spots for me, so I just tried to scare of the spots is probably still hot, they bait with a feed station and a motion cam. I walked into it once, just out with the dag....