5×5 g.g tent growers choice e680


Any other sugestions seems like the most even footprint for the money plus id like to add 2 4' t5 uv bulbs at the end of flower and 4 of a blue spectrum mix from ati at the beginning of flower that works great for growing coral and has always been a secret for more resin development. Plus I have just always had them around for growing coral faster.


I also plan on having hooking up my old 4in fan and add the biggest filter i can hang in my tent 🤔 or i have seen inline filters that can go outside my tents then i could use them on my 2×4 veg tent and 5×5 before going in a box that vents the heat evenly away from my A/c unit in my attic. I am going to need new clip on osciollating fans any suggestions on brand?


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I use a tower fans instead of clip on and sit them in a corner that way I get air flow through out the plant from top to bottom. I use 4X4 tents and ran 4 inch fans for years but could not keep the heat down in summer so I now run 6 inch and plants are much happier.

Mr Blamo

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Lots of those clip on fans are...not very good and don't last long. Not to mention they don't throw out much air.
Tower fans are good if they don't have a large base...as you loose space.
Window fans are good as you can hang those..not losing floor space.
In a tent you should have out take air and also air going in the tent. Air intake will move plants around to.

But if you want to go the clip on route here is a list of clip on fans...

7 Best Clip Fans For Grow Tents:

  1. Genesis 6-Inch Table-Top & Clip Fan.
  2. LORELL 6″ Clip-On Fan.
  3. VIVOSUN 6 Inch Clip on Oscillating Fan.
  4. Comfort Zone 2-Speed Clip-On Fan.
  5. Air King 9145 Clip-on Fan.
  6. SkyGenius Clip On Oscillating Fan.
  7. KEYNICE USB Clip Desk Personal Fan