120V connections


I need to run wire, to gain a few more amps, out to my detached garage.
There is an outlet in the house basement that I am going to run from.

Should I dissemble the outlet, and 'wire nut' the new cord directly to the feed?
I could install a male plug on the end of the new wire as well.
The wire gauge is appropriate to carry the load.
How should I make the connection @ the house?
Total extension length 30-40 feet.
Running a single 1k HPS.

I dont need a single length of wire from breaker box to final outlet ,,,right?

I wont have a concerns with a 40 foot wire, with a splice in the middle ?

Yes, I am repeating myself, because;
I typically chose life over high voltage.

Just because I have a screwdriver, that does not mean I am qualified to make any decisions.

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Have you tested the circuit you are about to splice into to see if it can handle another 1000 watts?

I believe there are typically about 6 outlets on a circuit, and depending on what else is drawing power on that circuit, it may not handle another 1000 watts without tripping the breaker.

Worth testing first.

Also, it’s much better to have the entire run without any splices in it. If it’s a matter of money, I’d spend the extra coin.

Lastly, if the wire is going to be exposed to the elements, you should run it in a conduit.

I’m no electrician and that’s all I got.


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As long as all the wire and breaker are appropriate, the plug versus wire nutting directly isn't enough of a voltage loss/difference. to worry about for a 30-40' run. Both the existing circuit and the new x-cord need to be correct.


Thank You, sirs.

House has a 20 amp braker , for the garage, on the main panel.
Garage panel is split into two sides.

I loaded one side to the grow room outlets.
It can carry 300W aquapons and 2 x 400 hps and 700W space heater.
The other side has 1500W space heater and shop tool outlets, and everything else.

I am going to add 1k, from another breaker in the house; some kinds of luck I will not push.

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