Master Grower
A seed company i'm really liking at the minute is freedom of seeds,love there mighty grape and godberry .Can't wait to try there romberry aint run that yet but i have been told its pretty nice.The new order come today,just waiting on house been visited by insulation company.Once they have been i can get the next set in.Gong with more greenhouse seeds,i cloned the wonder pie and the lost pearl from the ones i was ready to flip .All 4 have rooted,so gonna just keep one of each the nicest looking and the ones with the best root growth.Just got my latest order from attitude loads of freebies,but i am more interested in the chemical bride chemdog x wedding cake,also ordered another pack of banana krumble,the guys from greenhouse said i was unlucky not to get a pheno that did not turn purple towards the end .Serious if that had turned purple with the luck it had already it would have been total eye kandy all ready was.Can't wait to try the trainwreck x jack herer from then has well,i got the other jack herer x ams free from this order,but i have been told it aint to strong,that aint a bad thing for me,i have folk want oil with a very low thc ,and because we can't get it tested its a case of mixing this one with something like the blackberry kush and making oil from that.I have a few from th seeds that i would like to run soon has well