1. Victimizer

    Adjustable Scrog V1

    So this grow I wanted to try scrog. I'm picky and I like to come up with ideas and build my own stuff. I wanted to build a scrog net that is strong, adjustable and rolls up when not needed. Due to local stores not having the net size I needed I am building it full frame this time, hence V1. When...
  2. HydroRed

    HydroRed's DIY Budget Flood and Drain (approx $40 total)

    This is an easy and affordable DIY Flood and Drain build. Anyone who knows me knows I like to do stuff on the cheap and this project is no different. This can be used either with the tray in the tote, or tray on a table and the tote as the reservoir. PARTS NEEDED: (1) "ODJOB" brand 7 gal mixing...
  3. HydroRed

    HydroRed's DIY Bubble Cloner (under $35)

    PARTS LIST: (1) 10 Gallon Rectangular Tote with locking lid (Approx. dimensions 21" x 16" x 9") -$6.00 (4) 14" Aquarium Bubble Stones -$10.00 (1) 20-60 Gallon Dual Outlet Aquarium Air Pump -$9.00 (1) 1/2" ID Rubber Grommet -$0.29 (1) 1/2" Barbed 90* Fitting -$0.59 (1) 12" Piece of 1/2"...
  4. HydroRed

    D.I.Y. LED component suppliers (US)

    Im curious to see where everyone is getting their LED components for DIY in the States. Couple of the places I went to last year are seemingly not doing anything anymore and are always out of stock, etc. If you have a link to share where to buy DIY LED components, this is the spot to post em and...