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    Old Seeds

    Interested to hear if you attempted to germinate your seeds, I have had great success using the riot rooters as opposed to any other. If the seeds are old I roll it in my mouth for an hour or so then into the riot rooters. I add small amount of tap water ph @ 5.5/5.8 to the bottom of my flora...
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    Seeds to Trade

    Black Willie/ God Bud (Reeferman Genetics) Red Dragon / Amnesia (7east genetics Panama Red) Black Willie/ Grapefrut (Reeferman) GG4/Indiana Bubblegum/ Bordega Bubblegum (old Stoner) May have a few Chocolope/ Black Willie Looking for: MAC OG Skywalker Face on Fire Mexican landrace or old school...
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    The trading block

    I have the following available for trade. Black Willie/ God Bud Black Willie/ Grapefruit Red Dragon/ Amnesia The Black Willie is a Black Vietnamese crossed with Willie Nelson Red Dragon is a cross from 7 East genetics Panama Red. I’m looking for: Old school Mexican and other...
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    Bubblegum Grow

    100% Germination 2 bubble glue, 2 DubGum, 3 Bordega. Cut clones from each plant and numbered for selection. The clones were easy, each spiking in 4 days ish. So beautiful in flower, lights are out now if I would attach pictures. Attached is a picture from a earlier in the week or...
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    Bubblegum Grow

    They are doing very well, I’ll post pictures soon.
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    CBD? Who would have ever thought I would have wanted pot that doesn't get you stoned?

    Mosquito dunks on Amazon and put it in your water, it will kill them. Thank Jesse James for that tip!!
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    Bubblegum Grow

    They are super strong and aggressive growing without pushing them much.
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    Bubblegum Grow

    Shout out to Old ST1R!
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    Bubblegum Grow

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    Bubblegum Grow

    Old ST1R hooked me up with some badass Bubblegum crosses. Bubblegum/GG4, Bubblegum/DubStep and Bordega Bubblegum. Seeds were large healthy and germinated in 2 days. I will attach a variety of photos, currently in the 2nd week of flower.
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    My Nerves project

    Nice work, currently working on a build.
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    CBD Wanted

    Thank you, keep me posted on your grow!
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    CBD Wanted

    Thank you all for your input!
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    New Grow Room Build!

    Thank you!