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    The Official Heisenbeans Forum Competition

    while the plants did not seem that large the buds were super tight and heavy all the way to the dirt. Ended with 25 zips for 5 plants averaged out at 5 zips a plant I am happy.
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    RIP frenchy.

    he was the master
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    #Heisenbeans Genetics

    I have looked 3 times today but have not found that package may have been last of the pack and thrown away. I believe it just said icecream cake S1 was a black package some of the 1st ones.
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    #Heisenbeans Genetics

    Here is a Ice Cream Cake S1. Nice plant ended being over 4 foot tall not including pot and nicely wide. Great plant, great terps, lots of frost but took a bit of picking off balls. Took a clone and she has been a PIA picking balls much worse than mom but then I look over at the mom and say well...
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    Backwoods Breeding with J. James

    If still open I would like to help
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    The Official Heisenbeans Forum Competition

    mine were a day shy of 9 weeks
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    The Official Post Your Pics Page

    Well its about over hear are my 6 shots. Great genetics great plants and a good competition. Thanks Uncle Heisen
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    The Official Heisenbeans Forum Competition

    Pulled our black pheno and found this bud which a classic example of Fasciation with its wide strawberry shaped head.
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    The trading block

    wrong forum sorry
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    Relentless Genetics

    Yes the price is the biggest fault and as most seedbanks they are inline but then again I can get 6 packs of greenpoints but I could not resist anything with the wedding cake in it.
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    Relentless Genetics

    Only downfall is they are expensive. I am running some wham bam right now. Most all offered is good.
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    The Official Heisenbeans Forum Competition

    grabbed a couple of lights on picts this morning. The cob lighting makes them a bit off color. This one has almost black leaves
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    The Official Heisenbeans Forum Competition

    well chopped the first of 5 she was in the middle of the tent and sagged everywhere so gone. 8 weeks yesterday and a great plant. For using new tech from new tent to new watering system I am pretty pleased with all of the plants in the tent. This one is what I call my pale girl she started with...
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    Compound Genetics Grape Stank

    Grape Stank is Grape gasoline X garlic grove. It is aptly named as it just pure stinks, grape terps for sure but after that just a pure filter testing stank. Easy to grow took about 8.5 weeks to finish medium yields but nice buds and super frosty. Well certainly grow again.
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    Inkognyto Genetics

    Here is a couple of quick shots of Cookie Puss which Ink had on website for a few weeks looks sold out now. Throws some ball bat looking colas easy to grow just some ferments and water plus living soil and she has thrived and no intersex issues more in about 10 or 12 days but she just looked so...