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    outdoor 2021

    I had a couple clones of a cultivar my wife and I like. One went into the flower tent and one went into a 7 gal pot on the deck.
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    How do you know when seeds are done?

    As an update to this I put a couple seeds into seed starter and they sprouted just fine. No paper towels or soaking, just straight to soil. The flower from this cultivar has zero potency so I may not actually grow any of these seeds but I learned a bit about making seeds.
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    2021 Mystery Pack Competition Signup

    @J.James has a plan. September is because we are waiting for seeds to be done. My wife and I have two of his strains in our smoke rotation. If the contest is based on his seeds they should be nice. And you have the wrong outlook on a growing contest. The contest itself is secondary. The...
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    County Line Genetics

    You'll like the banana hash plant. It's my wife and my current afternoon/early evening smoke. Very nice. šŸ˜
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    #Heisenbeans Genetics

    This is a Purple Crash. It was kind of hungry the whole grow (Everything was. Coast of Maine Platinum Blend is a little light on nutrients.) But I've never had a plant so packed with trichomes. I'm glad I made a clone of this plant a mother and have two clones from it ready when a space opens in...
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    Cannabis stops smelling all the same and you can distinguish different aromas in different strains and you enjoy it.
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    Backwoods Breeding with J. James

    I think those expensive packs are crazy. I'm still figuring things out, but from what I've seen a lot of the most famous stains came from bag seed and accidental pollinations. I think people would be better off growing a lot of different seeds, take clones in case magic happens. In particular...
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    Managing a Mother

    I have a plant I'd like to save as a mother. How do I manage it? How big a pot? How big do I let it get? How often do I take clones? Where on the plant do I take clones? Top, bottom middle of all over? I know how to take a clone, but not how to keep the mother long term.
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    CBD? Who would have ever thought I would have wanted pot that doesn't get you stoned?

    I'm growing a Deep Space from Hoku at the moment. Nicest looking plant of my current grow. I'll be growing more.
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    Who’s up for a new 2021 contest? Brainstorming thread

    I participated in the UGC which turned into a circus after few days and mainly became a joke. Which was disappointing since I took it seriously. I didn't do the second UGC since I was still disappointed with the first one. I watched the second one fizzle out after a while. After two failed grow...
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    How do you Germinate your seeds?

    I used to put them in a cup of water for 24 hours, then a damp paper towel in a baggie until they had a tail and then into soil. But now I just put them in damp Promix seed starter in a solo cup and put them in the corner of the veg tent so they don't get too much light. I get the same or better...
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    The Christmas Tent

    It's been a while since I've updated. I was a bit sad since the Witch's Brew turned out to be male even though it was a feminized seed. After culling males I have 5 plants left. This is the first grow I feel like hasn't been a complete mess. I probably should have vegged a bit longer but I...
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    USPS, UPS, FedEx, Carrier Pigeon

    I've had good luck with shipping. Most things coming pretty quick. The one exception is some black friday seeds. I got a shipping notification. Three days later when I checked it said, "Shipping label printed. Package is on route to a USPS shipping facility." They printed a label, but haven't...
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    My Nerves project

    There is a programming language called Elixir that I rather like. There is a project called Nerves that allows you to write applications that will run on a Raspberry Pi. I have a Raspberry Pi B+. I attached a BME280 humidity and temperature sensor and wrote an app. It uses NTP to synchronize the...
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    So far 7 mice have been "removed" from the growing area. šŸ˜ˆ